Small & Exotic Animal Services

At Tri-State Veterinary Clinic, we provide a wide range of services for you and your small and exotic animals!    Below you will find a few descriptions of the services that we can provide for you and your pet.

Wellness Care

  •     Annual exams and consultation
  •     Vaccination and heartworm checks
  •     Heartworm and Flea Prevention


  •     Prophy with ultrasonic scaler and polish
  •     High speed drill for complicated extractions
  •     Digital dental x-ray capability


We have a 300Ma X-Ray machine with Digital Processing that results in better quality x-rays with fewer exposures. Digital technology also allows for x-ray images to be e-mailed to specialists for faster consulting.    For an additional fee,  a flash drive can be made of your pet's images for you to keep.


We have a sector scanner unit for small animal scans.   Ultrasound technology allows the veterinarian to view many soft tissue structures impossible to view with simple x-rays.   Examples include:  Pregnancy ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound - liver, kidneys, bladder (stones), chest ultrasound to examine the heart and lungs.


We have 2 separate sized Endoscopes for Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy of most sized animals.

Through endoscopy we can sometimes view a foreign body (something the animal has accidentally swallowed) in the stomach, or visualize the lining of the esophagus or stomach, and in some cases take a biopsy of the stomach lining.


  •     We utilize Gas Anesthesia for your pet’s safety
  •     Pets are monitored by our trained staff
  •     Pets are also monitored by pulse oximeter for constant oxygen and heart rate
  •     IV pumps are available
  •     Your pets recovery is carefully monitored

We handle a large array of surgical procedures here at the clinic including:

  •     All routine spays, neuters, & declaws
  •     C-Sections – both scheduled & emergency
  •     Orthopedics – Anterior Cruciate Repair, FHO, Pinnings (fracture repair), & Amputations
  •     Bladder stones
  •     Cancer surgery

Exotic Animals

We welcome and treat a variety of exotic animals and pets. Our patients include:

  •     Most Avians
  •     Pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, etc.)

Consultation and Specialist Referrals

Dr. Barnard has a host of qualified specialists he consults with on a regular basis.  Specialists at several university hospitals including Purdue University are available for consultations and take referral patients from our hospital.  Purdue has an impressive small animal cancer/ oncology center and radiation facility.  

Specialists in Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and other specialty areas are consulted as needed.

NIVES-- Northern Indiana Veterinary Emergency and Specialty hospital is available for emergency care when Dr. Barnard is out of the state, AND offers specialists whom Dr. Barnard consults with on complicated or unusual cases.    

Call 260-347-5777 to make an appointment today!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I can't thank the staff enough for the excellent service provided to my Kenzie and for the doctor meeting us in the middle of the night to help her during a midnight emergency! He was so kind and now my hairy child is feeling great and doing wonderful! Thank you!"
    Sasha G. Kendallville, IN

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