Equine Services



For care and treatments you are unable to do at home.

Farm Call Visits

We offer most procedures at your barn.

Flexible scheduling whenever possible.

Haul in Facility

Bring your horse to our hospital for medical or surgical treatment.

  •    We have stocks to make it safer for dental and repro work
  •    Lameness work ups –  Concrete aisle for jogging on the straight-away.  Indoor and outdoor riding arenas to evaluate lameness under saddle.
  •    Treat medical colic cases or other sick horses – IV Fluids
  •    Reproductive Services
  •    Tri-State has recently installed video surveillance of our large foaling stall with remote access.   This allows the doctor to access the video from anywhere and check the mare, or any hospitalized animal in that stall.
  •    We have a large foaling stall & will foal out your mare
  •    We will board your mare under lights to induce estrus. Then monitor ovulation and have semen shipped to us for insemination. We offer counter to counter air pickup service.
  •    Uterine Biopsy cultures
  •    For haul in, we do not charge an office call fee.
  •    We also offer long term and short term horse boarding:   60 X 120 indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, wash rack, 10 X 12 box stalls.  Turn-out paddocks - vinyl and electric fencing.

Surgical Facility

We have a modest surgical suite and utilize gas anesthesia for many procedures including the following:

  •     Complicated lacerations (especially eyelids)
  •     Hernias
  •     Crypotorchid Castrations
  •     Laryngeal Prosthesis
  •     Septic joint
  •     Transphyseal Bridging
  •     Uncomplicated Fractures


We utilize a 10 meter scope for gastroscopy and a 3 meter scope for upper airway and uterine endoscopy.


We have a unit for reproductive work as well as tendons and other miscellaneous scans.

Digital Radiography

  •     Portable radiography allows us to x-ray at farm or in hospital.
  •     Digital technology allows us to view images immediately with better quality films and fewer exposures.
  •     We can email scans immediately for specialist consultation.
  •     We can send you with a flash drive of your images


  •     Power Floats and Performance Floats for better quality.
  •     Safe sedation
  •     Full mouth speculum
  •     Dental X-rays

Preventative Medicine

  •     Annual Health and Oral Exams
  •     Vaccinations
  •     Fecal Egg Checks
  •     Nutrition and parasite control consultations

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I can't thank the staff enough for the excellent service provided to my Kenzie and for the doctor meeting us in the middle of the night to help her during a midnight emergency! He was so kind and now my hairy child is feeling great and doing wonderful! Thank you!"
    Sasha G. Kendallville, IN

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